Monday, June 8, 2009

16 to 26

Yep, in a few more hours I’ll be 26 years old. :)
For some reason a couple months ago I started thinking not only about how much life has changed in the past ten years (naturally), but how much I’ve changed.

At 16: I wanted to be an artist.
At 26: I am a published mystery writer.

At 16: I drank tea, spent most of my day in front of a drawing board, and walked around with pencil smudges on my fingers.
At 26: I drink cappuccino, spend most of my day in front of a laptop, and walk around with my reading glasses on. (I have trouble remembering to take them off when I get up from my desk.)

At 16: I was sure I’d never dye my hair, never get my ears pierced, and make-up was something rarely applied.
At 26: My hair is a bit blonder than nature intended, I love dangly earrings, and as for make-up…well, of course. ;)

At 16: I read classical literature and my taste in music generally followed along.
At 26: While I still love the classics, I’m a hound for non-fiction, contemporary Christian fiction, and Christian pop-rock.

At 16: I’d been a Christian for less than 2 years.
At 26: I’ve been in some very dark valleys and on some very tall mountains with God and I’m ready for the next journey.

Sometime in the middle of the past ten years I also declared I would never join a social networking site and I definitely would not blog. Never. (lol)
It’s almost scary to think about where I’ll be in another ten years. ;)
Just in case anyone is wondering: Tomorrow I intend to go on an iTunes shopping spree, indulge in mocha Frapuccino, and spend a considerable amount of time in Barns&Noble. Chocolate cake will make an entrance at some point. :D


Anonymous said...

Then have a Happy Birthday.

Stormgirl said...

Happiest of Birthdays my dear!!! Have an absolutely wonderfully fabulous and glorious day!!! Woohoo!! I loved reading about how far you have come in the last 10 years... that is great! Have a blessed day... and make it fun girl!

Symon Burton said...

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