Monday, September 28, 2009

Have you heard of it?

I found a new book I’d really like to read. I know, you’re probably wondering why I’m bothering to tell you. Well, I’d like to know if you’ve heard of it.
I hate buying books that turn out to be a waste of my time and brain cells, or worse, a great story, but totally ruined by inappropriate language, etc.
To avoid this waste I’m driven to do drastic things, like check copies out of the library. It’s not that I have anything against libraries….it just that, well, I worked for our particular branch for a while and I have certain “cleanliness” issues with it. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. :P
Anyway, the book is called The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde. It’s advertised as a great book for lovers of British literatures, (raise hand) particularly Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre (raise hand high and wave).
So, if you have heard of it, or if you just want to tell me how much you understand joy at the prospect of a new book, leave a comment.
I do so love sympathizers. ;)


Stina Rose said...

I love getting new books! That's one of the reasons that I love being a book review blogger for Thomas Nelson. I love the smell and feel of a never before opened book. There is so much potential there, so much promise. I can't hardly wait to snuggle down in my chair and start the journey.

Brianna said...

Testing... 1-2-3. Just kidding! LOL! Okay, it works! Thanks!!

I don't think I can help you in finding out if the book you just got is worth reading or not... I've never heard of it and even if I had, I doubt I'd read it because it's not my type of book! ;-) Although, I do understand your need to ask around. I do that sometimes to make sure I don't waste my effort reading a book that "looked" good, but really wasn't. :-)

Anonymous said...

Libraries are unsanitary? Thank you for destroying my ignorance. LOL

We love trying books from libraries ourselves. And yes, we are wary too. We have accidentally gotten some horrible books from time to time.