Monday, November 23, 2009

Shopping Along

Yes, the Christmas shopping season has begun! I know that makes some people happy and others terrified. Come now, it must be done. No getting around it. ;)
Well, personally, my family likes it. We are already gearing up for Black Friday. What? Doesn’t shopping at 5AM sound fun? Before I lose any gentlemen readers or sleepy friends I have, let me remind you that if you know where to go, there is a lot of free food involved with this. You have to admit that is a very important factor. ;)

Well, anyway, if you’d like any signed copies of Only Angels Are Bulletproof for someone on your shopping list, please let me know. SOON! Shipping costs are lower the sooner you order.
Just e-mail me at:

And good luck with the rest of your shopping! I’m actually at a lost right now as to what I’m going to get people for Christmas… :P


Cara Springer said...

Oh my yes, we CANNOT forget about the free food! Especially where teenage brothers are concerned. :) I love Christmas shopping! I say the more the merrier (as far as dollars to be spent go :P). lol 5AM is definitely exciting. :)

pegleg3941 said...

5 AM is even more exciting when you work at one of those stores. The customer's eyes get really wide when you haul your purchases off the floor before they can get inside. ^_^

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Oh, yes, the more the merrier!
So, Black Friday is a good time for both using the employee discount and taunting the customers? lol
I actually worked the 5AM shift at a department store on Christmas Eve one year....But I wasn't actually awake until 8AM. ;)

Katia said...

Enjoy your Christmas shopping, Emily! :) And I will enjoy my sleep at 5 a.m and the company analysis ( involving lots of math) that I'm going to work on most of the day with a classmate. Shopper I am not :P

BTW, 5 a.m is fun when you're working the polls (poll workers in Indiana are required to report at 5 a.m) or when I have a Saturday class and have to get up then in order to be at class at 8 a.m. Amazing how wonderful 5 a.m can be when you're excited about something :)

Hope you get good deals and enjoy your day!

Jules said...

I like to get up at 5am but definitely not to go shopping. If I never had to shop again I'd be happy. But since you enjoy it, I hope it's as much fun as you're expecting it to be. Blessings, Jules

Brianna said...

Our Christmas shopping is practically finished, but I hope you have tons of fun!!! And by the way, we have never EVER gotten up at 5 a.m. to go shopping and I doubt we ever will! That's CRAZY!!! LOL! That's WAY too early and plus, the crowds are TERRIBLE the day after Thanksgiving! So... There's my 2 cents! I'm shutting up now. ;-)

Emily Ann Benedict said...

You people need some more shopping spirit, LOL! Yes, some places are too crazy, but like I said, if you know where to go it's a ton of fun. :) My Dad even comes along..and he's not a shopping person.
Besides, shopping instantly becomes fun when you find something you needed for half off!---okay, so we find some "wants" too. ;)
Good luck to all of you!

Precious Gems said...

Happy Thanksgiving Emily and may God bless you abundantly :)

Vanessa said...

Free food sounds great!! :-)

I love Christmas time!