Monday, December 14, 2009

Serious Questions. Funny Questions.

Fellow writer and blogger, Diane Estrella, asked me a few weeks ago if I would do an interview for her blog and then sent along a series of very interesting questions.
Some were serious questions about life, writing, and how God works through both and some were very quirky questions that were just plain fun to answer. (You can now know which board game my family takes very seriously. ;)
You can read the full interview at:
Thanks Diane!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. When I publish my first book you can interview me! :O)

Warren Baldwin said...

I linked here from Diane's blog. I enjoyed your interview over there.

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for following Family Fountain. I have a book of meditations on Proverbs. Any chance you would be interested in trading books and doing reviews on our blogs?