Friday, June 25, 2010

Commenter’s Choice! (A follow up and what’s coming up.)

In the previous post we talked the art of book covers. I told you what I thought and showed you a few of my picks for best cover design. Now it’s your turn. The following is a selection of covers several people told me were their top picks for favorite cover art.
I will say, among all the people who left comments on the previous post there were some definite trends that developed. Several people stated that they preferred photographs over illustrations on covers. The words “must have intrigue” came up often. A distain for books with covers that have nothing to do with the book came up (I hate that too). And a number of people admitted to overlooking books with lack luster covers.
So, publishers if you’re listening (dreams) listen to the people!!

Now to the covers. Just a little disclaimer. I haven’t read any of these books, so I can’t officially recommend them. This all about the cover art. There’s just something about these covers that grabbed the readers. :)

Have a great weekend!
And thanks to Susan, Jon, CMOM, and Joanna for your cover picks! :)

A quick notice to what’s coming up on Monday. The post is title “The Overused Plotline.” I am frankly a bit afraid of offending people. ;) Be prepared to give your opinion.


Jen said...

Happy Friday! I look forward to Mondays post!!! Offended or not I think it's important to share what's been overused and what hasn't!!!

As far as the covers I would say that Nora Roberts (all of them) caught my eyes over the others. I love fantasy so a couple of them looked interesting but lost me with too much happening on the cover!!

Love these posts!

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Jen: Thanks for stopping by. Lol, well, I guess one could say blogs are the place for opinions!!

While some covers are too simple, I think there is definitely something to be said about covers that have SO MUCH the eye get's lost. Mystery requires us to be left wondering...

emerald343 said...

I've read Redwall and it actually is an amazing book! I love that whole series. The guy rwites like he's insane he's put out like 20 books. I'm a fan of his.

Karen said...

Those are good examples. I look forward to your next post. Great grabbing set-up.

Cara said...

Can't wait 'til Monday! ; )

I agree with the 'must have intrigue' idea... the cover I mentioned has exactly that. : )
(BTW, I think a book with a blank black cover that has 'This is a Boring Book' written across it would be kind of... intriguing.) :P :D

P.S. I'm pretty sure you won't offend me. Even if you say that all people who don't like Lori Wick are unromantic and absurd. LOL

Emily Ann Benedict said...

em: I've heard lots of good things about Redwall. :)

Karen: (evil laugh) I like tempting my readers. :)

Cara: Maybe you'll have to write "This is a Boring Book." LOL
Well, I'm glad to hear I can't shove you away. ROFLOL.

Cara said...

Hehehe. ;) Is it Monday yet? :D

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Emily -

Thanks for the link. Julie Klassen's cover is still my favorite. :)


Emily Ann Benedict said...

Susan: It is a very beautiful cover. Very well done and detailed and I will agree, It loudly says historical!

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