Saturday, March 14, 2009

LOL Panda Pics!

Lol, okay, I wanted to e-mail this to a friend, but my e-mail refused to work, so I decided to post them here. :)

Okay, Mum, can you come get me down now!

King of the world!

Kung Fu Panda...

One, two, three...Lift!

Panda Puff.

Peek a boo...


So sleepy.

I didn't steal the bambo. I was just sitting here.

Panda and lift and two and lift.

Look, mum, I cleaned my plate.

You get, yout get, you get off...

Do I have milk on my face?


...eight, nine, ten!..ready or not here I come!

Just nappin'

Great, how am I going to get down now.

Bad panda on time out.

Father I have sinned...


Panda Tai Chi

Comtemplating life...

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