Monday, January 4, 2010

And They Did It Again...

So, my publisher’s printer has brought a new dimension to my book’s cover once more. In a previous post I told you all about how I opened the newest box of my books only to discover the printer had tinged the cover green, leaving my angel looking distinctly alien like.
Well, they’ve come up with a new one for the most recent run. A pink tint. Yes, pink. o_O
Maybe we’ll call this the girl power edition. What do you think? A friend of mine, who just happened to end up with a copy from this particular printing, is calling this the “magenta series.” Perhaps I’ll have a “blue period” next.

What? The pink just made me want to add a little more girliness.
And to think, my graphic artist and I worked so hard to get a really ethereal atmosphere on the cover as well as touch on specific points in the story. Who know we just needed a littl more pinkness?


Anonymous said...

Neat! You have your own multi-colored trilogy.

Anonymous said...

Darn it, I should have held out and waited for the color of my dreams..... :O) I am happy whatever color!

Emily Ann Benedict said...

I'm telling people they own "special editions." Of course, at this rate, the original color might be the special edition. :P

Brianna said...

ICK! PINK?! Sheesh, the "green edition" was better! :-O
(By the way, if I was in your place, such changes in cover colors would really irritate me! I kind of have a "hang-up" about little details like that. LOL!)